The Samba is a true European Dutch classic and a stately and comfortable Galapagos sailing vessel. Guests will be pleasantly accommodated in seven double rooms, six with air-conditioning, and each with private facilities and hot water. An ample dining room/salon connects to an outdoor dining facility with large tables, a TV and video system, sound system, mini library of books and videos, and a small bar. The Samba is a graceful, top-quality craft; she is as environmentally friendly as she is socially responsible. She is locally owned, and the entire crew is devoted to making your journey the trip of a lifetime.


Day 1

Mosquera Islet: Early arrival to the airport in Baltra. Then, you will be transferred to the Beagle Yacht in the Bay. After lunch service on the yacht, head to Mosquera Islet a white sand beach awaits for you, where sea lions, sally light foot crabs and shore birds rest during the day. You can swim or snorkel on the beach. After this activity you will eat dinner onboard.

Day 2

Darwin Bay and Prince Philips Steps (Genovesa): A wet landing at Darwin Bay, follow a trail to find red footed boobies, and great frigate birds trying to attract a female. You will also stumble upon Darwin’s Finches and native flora like mangroves and cactus. After lunch, the yacht will head to Prince Philip ́s Steps (Barranco), where a steep climb takes you to a Palo Santo Forest and species like Nazca boobies. You will also have a panoramic view of all the Island from here.

Day 3

Marchena Island & Playa Negra: The day begins at Marchena Island, where you can snorkel, dinghy ride or kayak. Punta Mejia is the best place to snorkel, because there is a great fish diversity underwater, and you maysee rays, reef sharks and sea turtles. In the afternoon, the yacht will navigate to Playa Negra, where you may spot bottled nose dolphins, other cetaceans and various species of fish. You can also snorkel here.

Day 4

Albermarle Point & Vicente Roca Point (Isabela Island): After breakfast, we visit Point Albemarle on Isabela Island, which used to be an important radar station for the US to prevent any Japanese attempt of destroying the Panama Canal. Now abandoned, this place is inhabited by marine iguanas and flightless cormorants. In the afternoon, we go to Punta Vicente Roca, to see a diversity of geological formations, such as tuff cones and lava dikes. You can see Galapagos penguins, blue footed boobies and may also snorkel. After this activity return to the yacht for dinner.

Day 5

Espinoza Point and Urbina Bay: The day begins when you disembark at Espinoza Point, a site rich in wildlife, such as sea lions, penguins, crabs, herons and more, living in the native mangrove forest. In the afternoon, navigate to Urbina Bay, one of the recent examples of geological uplift in the Galapagos, where seasonally tortoises nest, and you can see Galapagos Penguins, flightless cormorants and brown pelicans. End of the day and dinner.

Day 6

Elizabeth Bay and Moreno Point (Isabela Island): Early in the morning we visit Elizabeth Bay, the only place where old tropical mangrove forest grows, and penguins inhabit them. In the afternoon, visit Moreno Point on the north coast of Isabela, between volcanoes Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul. Walk a trail of solidified lava until a coastal lagoon where you may see several species of birds. End of the day and dinner.

Day 7

Floreana Highlands & Loberia: After breakfast, we land at Puerto Velasco Ibarra for a ride to the highlands of Floreana. First stop is to climb Cerro Alieri, where you will see lichens and epiphytes. Then, we head to Asilo de la Paz, to learn the fascinating story of the first settlers: the Witmers, Doctor Ritter and Dora, and the famous Baroness and her three lovers. In the late afternoon, we visit a Loberia (sea lion rockery) with time to swim or snorkel on the beach.

Day 8

Twin Craters (Santa Cruz Island): Early in the morning, you will land at Puerto Ayora and go for a visit to Twin Craters (Los Gemelos) in the Highlands of Santa Cruz, two collapsed craters that are home tovarious species of birds. Then, you will be transferred to the airport to take your flight back to the continent.

✓ Rates Include

✓ All meals and activities throughout the cruise

✓ Bilingual national park guide

✓ Snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel and fins)

✓ Fuel surcharge

✓ Wetsuit

⨯ Not Included

⨯ $100 (Subject to change) Galapagos National Park entrance fee

⨯ Galapagos Transit Control Card ($20)

⨯ Airfare from mainland Ecuador

⨯ Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages consumed onboard

⨯ Gratuities

⨯ Cancellation/medical insurance