Nemo I

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Week DayItineraryNorth Nemo I Galapagos Cruise Itinerary
Monday:AA4Baltra – North Seymour (CA-PR-SN)
Tuesday:AA4Genovesa: Darwin Bay (CA-KY-PR-SN) – Prince Phillip’s Steps (CA-KY-PR-SN)
Wednesday:AA4Bartolome (CA-PR-SN) – Chinese Hat (CA-KY-PR-SN)
Thursday:AA4A5Santa Cruz: Highlands – Breeding Center Fausto Llerena
Friday:AA5Isabela: Moreno Point (CA-PR-SN) – Urbina Bay (PR)
Saturday:AA5Fernandina: Espinoza Point (CA-SN) – Isabela: Vicente Roca Point (CA-SN)
Sunday:AA5Santiago: Egas Port – Espumilla Beach (CA-KY-PR-SN) – Buccaneer Cove (KY-PR-SN)
Monday:AA5Daphne Island – Baltra *A5

Rate includes:

– Accommodation double cabins with private bathroom
– 3 meals per day
– Guided daily excursion
– Naturalist bilingual guide
– Snorkeling equipment

Rate does not include:

– Air flight to / from the Galapagos Islands
– Entrance Fee to the Galapagos National Park $ 100 per person (subject to change)
– Transit card $ 20 per person (subject to change)
– Beverages including soft and alcoholic drinks
– Travel insurance
– Tips and other items of personal nature