Built in Hamburg, Germany, in 1968 and refurbished in 1986, the Beluga is a sturdy and reliable First Class Superior motor yacht. Her spacious interior has a catching, modern design and is fully air-conditioned throughout the comfortable lounge and two separate dining rooms which accommodate eight guests each. The Beluga carries up to sixteen passengers who are sheltered in eight beautifully furnished staterooms. The Beluga is a fantastic way to cruise the islands with her ample deck space and panoramic windows in the dining area. Moreover, you will be well taken care of onboard by our captain, multilingual naturalist guide, cook, machinist, barman and four sailors.

Day 1 (Tuesday):Arrive at Baltra Airport / Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island (Indefatigable): Santa Cruz is the second largest island and the most populated of all islands.

Highlands of Santa Cruz: Galapagos giant tortoises can be seen in the wild in the highlands of Santa Cruz.

Day 2 (Wednesday): Sombrero Chino Island / James Island

Sombrero Chino (Chinese Hat): Sombrero Chino is a small volcanic island just off the southeast tip of Santiago. The name of the island describes the shape of the island. Fauna includes Sea lions, marine iguanas and the Galapagos penguin.

James Island (Santiago): James Island is located between Isabela and Santa Cruz Islands. This Island offers a wide variety of seabirds, marine iguanas and fur seals.

– Sullivan Bay: This site is of great geological interest. Highlights: 100 hundred year old lava flow field, pahoehoe formations, and lava bubbles.

Day 3 (Thursday): Tower (Genovesa) Island

Tower Island (Genovesa): Tower is an eroded flat volcanic island, with a natural harbor, which is actually the submerged caldera of this volcanic island.

– Darwin Bay: The steep cliffs of this area dominate the island. This area is home to thousands of frigate birds, red-footed boobies, Noddy terns, lava gulls, tropicbirds, doves, storm petrels and Darwin’s finches.

– El Barranco: There is a good possibility of seeing the unique “Short eared owl” at this site. During the dinghy rides along the cliffs fur seals and several species of seabirds can be spotted.

Day 4 (Friday): Santa Cruz Island / Baltra for return flight to Quito
Santa Cruz Island

– Caleta Tortuga (Turtle Cove): Turtle Cove is a red mangrove lagoon on Santa Cruz and a perfect example of how mangroves alter the marine environment to create a rich and unique habitat.

Baltra: Return flight to Quito

✓ Rates Include

✓ All meals and activities throughout the cruise

✓ Soft beverages (water, coffee and tea)

✓ Fuel surcharge

✓ Bilingual national park guide

✓ Kayaks

✓ Snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel and fins)

✓ Occassional diving available

⨯ Not Included

⨯ Airfare from mainland Ecuador

⨯ Alcoholic beverages consumed onboard

⨯ $100 Galapagos National Park entrance fee

⨯ $20 Transit Control Card

⨯ Cancellation/medical insurance

⨯ Wetsuit

⨯ Gratuities